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My son was bullied at the first of this school year. It took a lot for my son to open up about it, many days he did not want to go to school etc.. after many emails/talks with my son n his teacher my son finally spit out a ends up it was the principals son. The school board was excellent in not involving the principal as she was the parent thereof. After the kid was talked to, rumour got out it was my son who ratted..  those couple weeks were very tough. Fortunately kids found something else to talk about after a while.

I am proud of my son for telling me about it and allowing me to address the issue when not knowing what the outcome would be. As much as this is a paragraph this was over several months, many sleepless nights, much worrying..and feeling like I failed as a parent. Nevertheless we carry on, hold our heads high, and attempt to be strong. Please voice for your child if they are being bullied.. as a parent i believe its our job to address this overwhelming issue.