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I have been playing games online as long as I have had a computer, approximately 20 years.  I have run into bullying online on the games, through the chats that are connected to the games.  It horrifies me to hear people in game chats belittle other players, and I always try to put my words in there about the fact that it is online bullying, no matter who is doing it or what form they are doing it, if it is online and in the public chats it is “Bullying” in the worst forms.  I have been connected online and very personally, with one such person who was being bullied constantly in a specific game I play frequently, and it was making me sick.  I reported the bullying to the developers of the game and it took a very long time, but I see now the people that were bullying the person I have since become friendly with, have been banned from the public chat, or it seems they have as they are no longer “bullying”.

It took a long time to get these bullies out of the chat but I appreciate the fact that the developers of the game “saw the light” and how much the bullies were affecting the other people in the game and consequently in the chat.  Peace and quiet is prevailing now in the game chat….I am soooo thankful.  Please let all bullying stop, it is totally unnecessary, and is a horrible way to treat the people we should all love.