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Hello From Clarke Road Secondary School!


This week is a very exciting week at Clarke Road and we invite you to join us on TUESDAY April 8th as we hold our 6th ANNUAL SEA OF PINK DAY. We wanted to extend a warm welcome to anyone who would like to stop by to join us as we STAND UP to bullying and encourage all our students and staff to take time this week to think about and discuss how we can all do our part in standing up against bullying. The Sea of Pink story:


In the fall of 2007, two Nova Scotia students turned the tide against the bullies who picked on a fellow student for wearing pink. The victim, a grade 9 boy, was hounded for wearing a pink polo shirt on his first day of high school. Bullies verbally harassed the boy for wearing pink and threatened to beat him up. Two grade 12 students heard about the bullies’ actions, and decided to take action. They went to a nearby discount store and bought 50 pink shirts to wear the next day. They went online and emailed classmates to get them onboard with their anti-bullying cause: they called it “Sea Of Pink”.

An unbelievable amount of support poured in the next day. Dozens of students wore the discount shirts, but hundreds of other students showed up wearing their own pink clothes. When the bullied student walked into school, he saw his fellow students dressed in pink. It was a powerful, supportive moment. When a large of group of people stands up against bullies in support of the victim, bullies lose all their power.

The “Sea Of Pink” campaign garnered significant media attention, and has been emulated widely since.


Our halls will be turned PINK on Tuesday in our 6th Annual Sea of Pink Day. Our festivities start at 8:15 as our first Bullying Awareness Assembly will begin with Nick Foley from Celebrate the Hero speaking to our Grade 10-12 students – he will be introduced/welcomed with an opening number by our Sea of Pink Dancers and a welcome by our own alumni Josh Yandt or better known as the ‘Doorman’ – who lives out the message – that ‘Small things really do make a difference’. The second assembly will begin at 9:40 with our grade 9 and feeder school grade 8 students taking part. Each group will be lead by our own students in saying the Pledge to End Bullying and then encouraged to sign ‘The Pledge’ banner when they leave the assembly that day – as their commitment that he/she will stand up to bullying! During lunch hour various PINK activities will take place – including a PINK door decorating contest, PINK face painting before school, a PINK volleyball tournament, and the day will be capped off with a PINK Pep Rally for our Athletic Teams. Throughout the day various video announcements will be provided to draw awareness/discussions in the classroom of how to be an ‘upstander’ and where and how students can seek out help. This year we also had a new Sea of Pink t-shirt created by our very own Clarke Road Art Student.

Also in addition to all of the above our staff will be striving to integrate into their lessons each day ‘Take Time To Talk About Bullying’ – a chance for staff to take 10 minutes or more at the beginning of each class to open up discussion on the topic of Bullying – through making our students aware of  our anonymous reporting form via our website, brainstorming what it means to be an Upstander, demonstrating the effects of bullying and reviewing bullying related articles and leading relevant discussions.

We invite you to join us on Tuesday  as we spread the word in our school and community that Clarke Road will STAND UP to bullying and that we will all ‘BE A SOMEONE TAKE A STAND’! Please feel free to stop by if you can or contact myself, Alisha Newsome. Thank you for your support!



Alisha Newsome