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In my old school we would have these rules that were created by the gr.7’s and 8’s, the rule was that when little kindergardens and grade 1’s to 6’s to obey whatever the gr 8 and 7’s say.  This happened everyday, and nobody wanted to go outside anymore. Some people like the gr 6,5,4,3,and 2 sometimes would purposly not finish there work and then the teacher would tell them to stay in but…..the kindergardens had to go out and when they went out me and my friends would start to cry and trying running away but it was no use…. the teachers and staff did not know what was going on. No one was brave enough to tell the teacher or the “Big Kids” would torture or hurt us. Me and my friends always try to find somewhere to hide, and when we get home I would tell my mom and my mom wouldnt listen to me!!!!! But my brother would listen to me and would try and stand up but he always would have gotton hurt… so one day I told my teacher and when we went outside she would stand outside the door where no one see her and she would watch us and then go and report them. I was really scared and my mom came to school with me one day and saw what happened and told my dad that we should move.